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Asya Selyutina- represents the new generation of the Russian classical guitarists. She appears regularly as a soloist, in chamber music ensembles, with orchestras and as a jury of competitions.

Selyutina formed in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, Turkey, India, Bhutan, Israel, Iran. Asya was among the winners in the several international guitar competitions, including Belgorod, Voronezh, Saint-Petersburg (Russia), Ukrainka, Kiev (Ukraine), Arhanes (Greece), Belgrade (Serbia).

She graduated from Shnitke Music Colledge, State Classical Academy in Moscow and took master classes with famous guitarists as Elena Papandreou, Fabio Zanon, Philipp Villa, Zoran Dukic, Jaison Veaux, Odair Assad etc.

In 2009 the debut CD “Asya Selyutina – guitar solo” was released by the company “Kreuzberg Records” (Germany). The CD was highly acclaimed by critics and some of the most celebrated guitarists. The famous Russian composer Nikita Koshkin dedicated to Selyutina his guitar solo cycle Preludes and Fugues”.

Asya is also the very well known teacher in Russia. She is teaching in Moscow State Classical academy and in Mussorgsky Music School in Zelenograd.

Selyutina plays guitar by Peter Barton and using D'Addario strings